Office Containers

Smart, elegant and user-friendly - If you are looking for an office which is instantly available, aesthetic, and ergonomically designed to yield highest staff productivity, Sunbeam has the answer. Our offices reduce your mobilization time to a minimum …


Our container accommodations are uniquely engineered to provide a portable solution for accommodating staff working away from home, operating in remote areas or simply requiring temporary lodging. Ergonomic designs are applied to make sure that comfort is not compromised …

Dining & Kitchen Unit

Any conceivable application - Kitchens, Canteens, Dining Rooms & Mess, Classrooms, Laboratories, Medical Units, Workshops, the list is a long one and for virtually any application that you need or perceive, Sunbeam has an answer to it …

Prefab Jointed Container Office

Portable toilets are among the most innovative offerings from Sunbeam. The interiors are designed on par with high class luxury restroom standards. Equipped with best quality materials and fittings guaranteed for at least five years, the units ensure maintenance free service for years to come …

Utility Cabins

Ship, deploy, relocate - Entire Control Room setups can be configured in our manufacturing unit and shifted to desired locations for immediate commissioning. Features like false flooring, instrumentation racks, integral UPS and other critical systems can be integrated as per your specifications to give you quick uptime in terms of installation. Unique Features: Fire-rated, Air-tight, Stronger shell, Compact, Thermal and Noise insulated …

Plug & Play

All cabins are essentially "plug & play" type wherein, once the cabins are lowered from the vehicle, they are connected to electricity, water and waste connections and they are ready to move in. They are fully furnished, complete with electrification & lighting, sanitary and water connections and accessories.


These are manufactured in two distinct specifications, keeping in mind the end application as well as the customer’s budget. Sunbeam’s marketing team will be glad to work with you to work out a proposal best suited your needs.

Brand New Containers

Sunbeam manufactures brand new containerized cabins and DOES NOT REFURBISH used marine containers for its products, thereby you get the inside sizes and lay out totally suited your individual needs, without any constraints.






Standard ISO Specifications

  • Guidelines for marine containers

    Sunbeam containerized cabins are made as per broad ISO guidelines for marine containers, as a result of which; these structures are highly stable, rugged and intrinsically strong.
  • Unfailing strength

    These cabins have material thicknesses and profiles similar to those of ISO marine containers to ensure unfailing strength.
  • Stackable

    Their construction is such that if desired, they can be stacked one above the other vertically, thereby saving precious ground space.
  • Well insulated

    All cabins have main doors lined with suitable special gaskets and hydraulic door closers to ensure that the cold (A/C) does not escape out of the room and dust does not ingress in the rooms easily.
  • Bulk Head light

    Bulk head light fitting near the door is an additional convenience during the nights.
  • Shifting convenience

    Additionally, an extra skid beam assembly is provided as an optional feature which imparts considerable rigidity to the whole container, especially for containers which are likely to be shifted frequently.

Economy Range Specifications

  • These are highly cost effective solutions developed specially for those applications where the cabins are so be sited in low rain zone, for a relatively shorter period is required, keeping in mind.

    Detailed specifications can be made available on request.