Portable Toilets

Toilets with Indian, European and Anglo-Indian W.C. seating arrangements are available with comfortable and ergonomically designed layouts.

Extra care goes in the selection and usage of flooring and wall paneling materials to yield hygienic and leakage free operation of the toilets.

Portable toilets are among the most innovative offerings from Sunbeam. The interiors are designed on par with high class luxury restroom standards. Equipped with best quality materials and fittings guaranteed for at least five years, the units ensure maintenance free service for years to come.

Bathrooms can be customized with respect to boilers, mirrors, showers and flooring. Best quality and guaranteed materials, fittings and accessories are used to ensure years of trouble free and comfortable usage of facilities.


They can be used for sanitary needs at construction sites, events, exhibitions, large public gatherings, campsites, and refugee camps.