Prefab/Sandwich Panel Office

We are engaged in manufacturing single and double story prefabricated structures, shelters, containers and others. Our technical proficiency enables us to provide complete design, engineering and timely delivery. Our core business philosophy is to provide "VALUE FOR MONEY" to our customers.

ISO 9001-2008 certified set-up with state of the art plant and machinery resulting in quality products. Our ethical business approach has helped us to command respect and appreciation from every corner of the industry.

Site Accommodations
These are made in various configurations to suit the background (labor, manager, executive) and number of persons (single, two, four, eight, etc.) dwelling in the unit. Strong, durable and aesthetically pleasing furniture specific to the needs of the end users is provided. Toilets and bathrooms are integrated so as to make the units self-sufficient.

Available Sizes: 20' x 8' / 40' x 8'
Options: Single occupancy, 2 men, 4 men, 8 men and dormitory-style

These containerized units are typically "sleep only" cabins. The complete space is utilized for sleeping arrangements (sleep being the sole purpose) thus lodging more persons (up to max. 20) simultaneously.

Available Sizes: 20' x 8' / 40' x 8'
Application: Dormitory, Camps, Lodging for labor and lower grade working staff

This is a combination of the best features of Containerized Office & Home designs for bringing the convenience of work, relaxation and accommodation within a single unit. Since customization is prime in these units, the design options can be as varied as your needs.

Container Homes
This unit can accommodate up to 2 persons for living purposes. To bring the living standards of a permanent residence into a mobile home, state-of-the-art equipment is used for all aspects i.e. working, sleeping and sanitary needs. An ergonomic workstation, plush wardrobe and cabinets, a shower-cum-toilet comprising of hi-end accessories are some of the unique features. The interior design is compact yet luxurious. The frame, shell, flooring, walls and roofing are engineered to sustain harsh environments and frequent shifting, yet maintaining a fresh feel for years.

Available Sizes: 20' x 8' / 40' x 8'
Applications: On-site housing, Home-office, Luxury-cabins and holiday-homes for Resorts

Container Colonies
Build compact portable colonies by stacking our container houses. Compact yet comfortable living quarters! They are designed for easy lift-n-shift capability.

These units can accommodate 2 to 4 persons. They incorporate two full size beds (2 persons) or two bunk beds (4 persons), lockable cabinets, and a shower-cum-toilet. There is ample space for unrestricted movement of the occupants. Customizations for luxurious single occupancy can also be made.

Ergonomic designs are applied to make sure that comfort is not compromised. The cabins are uniquely engineered to provide a portable solution for accommodating staff working away from home, operating in a remote area or simply requiring temporary accommodation.

  • Fireproof, soundproof, and secure from ingress
  • Durable to withstand frequent movement and rough use
  • Compact and trouble-free plumbing, electrical points
  • Rigid staircases

These cabins are supplied with a full range of furniture, made from best quality MDF boards. This furniture is strong, durable and aesthetically pleasing, blending with overall d├ęcor of the cabins smoothly. The advantage you have is that you move into a fully furnished, wired and functional work space (made as per your individual needs) in an instant, as soon as the cabin is lowered and electrically connected.

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